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Collaborative Projects and Teams


The Bellagio Center Residency Program welcomes applications from collaborative teams of up to three people working on the same project. In particular, team projects that bring residents together from different geographies, institutions, or disciplines are especially sought after to further the Center’s goal of establishing new connections amongst diverse groups of individuals.

Each team member is required to complete an application in FluidReview, we will not be able to accept one application submitted ‘on behalf of’ others.

In the spirit of providing space for interactions of individuals from a mix of geographic locations, team members who are based in the same home institution are not eligible to apply as a collaborative team.

When submitting answers in the Applicant Details form, please clarify the role of each team member and the partnership(s). Bear in mind that the credentials of all team members will factor into the evaluation. All team members should have comparable experience and backgrounds.

Answers to the Application Questions #1-9 can be the same for each team member.

Collaborative teams are encouraged to submit work samples that are the product of previous collaborative work if available. If you are a new collaborative team, separate work samples can be submitted for each team member.

Collaborators may list the same recommenders only if the recommenders are familiar with each applicant. However, the recommender must complete the questionnaire for each applicant.