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Disqualified Persons


The Federal Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations prohibit the Rockefeller Foundation from engaging in acts of “self-dealing” with “disqualified persons.” Disqualified persons with respect to The Rockefeller Foundation are defined to include trustees and officers of the Foundation and individuals having powers or responsibilities similar to trustees and officers (“Foundation Managers”), family members of Foundation Managers (spouse, ancestors, lineal descendants and spouses of lineal descendants), and any corporation, partnership, trust or estate in which a Foundation Manager or any family member of a Foundation Manager (as described above) has more than 35 percent of the voting power, profits interest or beneficial interest.

All applicants and the main organizing institution are required to disclose in advance if they fall into the definition of “disqualified persons.” If the Foundation’s counsel determines that a convening would result in a self-dealing transaction, the proposal will not be accepted.