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Eligibility for a Bellagio Residency


Before starting an application, all applicants must confirm their eligibility for a residency award by answering a set of questions in the Eligibility Form. 

The Rockefeller Foundation considers the following criteria to determine a candidate’s eligibility for a residency at the Bellagio Center.

  1. Applicants may not be “related parties” of members of The Rockefeller Foundation staff or its trustees (the definition of "related parties" is provided in the form).
  2. Applicants meeting the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s definition of a U.S. government official are not eligible to compete for a Bellagio residency.
  3. Applicants may apply for a residency no more than three times (inclusive of Academic Writing, Arts & Literary Arts, and Practitioner Residencies).
  4. Successful candidates have a lifetime limit of two residencies. Former residents applying for a second residency must wait at least five years since their first residency before submitting a new application, and must demonstrate significant professional achievement and/or project advancement since their first residency.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please reach out to