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Work Sample Requirements - Practitioner Residency


Required: A piece of work completed in the past five years that reflects the applicant’s experience and insights related to their field and where the applicant is directly involved in authorship. Work samples that cover material related to the applicant’s proposed project are strongly encouraged.

Examples of work samples include, but are not limited to: articles published in a journal or other media, published book chapters, white papers, and organizational plans or strategy documents.

Work samples may be up to 20 pages maximum; only 20 pages of a work sample will be reviewed.  

If none of your previous work is published in English, please provide either a translation (indicating who provided the translation) or summary of the work in English. We understand that you would not likely have a word for word translation of previously published work, however providing a longer summary than a few sentences or a short one paragraph abstract is helpful for our reviewers.
Applications submitted with work samples that do not meet the requirements will not be reviewed. 
If you have any questions about the application requirements, please reach out to the application administrators at
Please note: If we have problems downloading or otherwise accessing your work sample we will reach out to you. It is important that you reply within the given time frame.