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Previous Residents


Former Bellagio residents must include a statement of up to 500 words (via Applicant Details) describing what was accomplished during the previous residency, the specific outputs and outcomes, the critical response, and what has been accomplished since the residency.

Successful second-time applicants must demonstrate significant professional achievement and/or project advancement since their first residency.

Applicants may apply for Bellagio Residency up to three times in total.
If you have applied for a residency before and are not sure of the number of previous applications you have submitted, contact the Bellagio Residency application administrators at to confirm. Please note that a previous Bellagio residency will count towards one of the three potential applications.
There is a lifetime limit of two residencies.
Previous residents (or spouses who accompanied residents for more than fifteen days) must wait five years from the start date of the residency before reapplying.