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Recommenders - Important Information to Review Before You Enter Your Recommender Names

RECOMMENDERS - Important Information to Review Before You Enter Your Recommender Names

Recommenders will be contacted by email, provided with a link and instructions to create a log-in, which will direct them to a set of recommendation questions and a space to upload a recommendation letter. In order to ensure success, please make sure to inform your recommender that they will be receiving an email requesting a recommendation. Sometimes these emails may get caught as spam, so please ask them to check their spam/junk folders in the event that they don't see the recommendation request. A preview of the questions is available at this link: Recommenders - Preview of Recommender Questions.

You will not be able to submit your application until two (2) recommendation requests have been requested through the system. Either (2) recommender questionnaires must be completed or two letters of recommendation must be submitted by the recommender deadline in order for an application to be complete and considered for review. 

Recommendation Deadline for all Residency Applications: Recommendations must be submitted within two weeks after the application deadline.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to check in with your recommenders to confirm that they have submitted their recommendations.  Recommenders will receive an email confirmation when the recommendation is submitted successfully.

To satisfy the recommendation requirement, recommenders may submit a letter of recmmendation or complete the recommendation questionnaire (or they may choose to do both). If recommenders choose to submit a letter please instruct them to comment on the following points:
  1. the competence and capabilities of the applicant(s), particularly with regard to the proposed project,
  2. the merit and substance of the proposed project, particularly its contribution to or likely impact on the field or discipline;
  3. the applicant's ability and inclination to engage with a multidisciplinary community of scholars, policy makers and artists at the Bellagio Center, where most conversations take place in English; and
  4. the reason for being acquainted with the applicant and length of time they have known applicant. 

Choosing Your Recommenders:
  • Choose recommenders who know you and your work well, rather than high profile individuals in your field who are not familiar with your previous work and/or experience.
  • Recommenders are asked to comment on the merit and substance of the project you will bring to Bellagio and must be informed about the project.
  • It is strongly recommended that you only submit one recommender from a particular university/institution/organization (your recommenders should each be affiliated with a separate university/institution/organization).
  • If you are providing a recommender from your home institution, that person must work in a different department than you (the Bellagio Program strongly suggests that you seek recommenders outside your institution or organization).
  • Do not choose your editor, agent, or others that have a financial interest in your success in being invited for a residency, and who might benefit financially from your having a residency. 
Before you enter a Recommender’s name in the application form:
  • Contact your recommenders in advance to determine their willingness and availability to complete a questionnaire on your behalf.
  • Confirm their e-mail address and make sure all of their contact information is entered correctly in FluidReview.
If you need to change the contact information for your recommender, please delete the contact and enter a new one with the updated/edited email address. A new invitation will be sent to the updated email address.

Please note: Applicants are responsible for following up with their recommenders to ensure timely submission.